When security is critical  ...

... Amatic is the right partner to turn to. Our hardware and programme sequences conform to the latest regulations and standards at all times.


When it comes to controls ...

... you can rely on Amatic. Our control systems monitor ongoing processes, checking every five milliseconds and taking appropriate actions accordingly.


When you place your trust in us ...

... you get expert advice and delivery times, prices and quality standards based on the market. We are there for you day and night.


When the big fans start up ...

... our controls have to precisely set and maintain the specified flow rate in the tunnel at half a meter per second.


If you are looking for a challenging career ...

... join the Amatic team! We are looking for: Engineers with a degree from an applied sciences university (FH) and technicians with a technical school degree (TS) in electrical engineering or automation; IT specialists and electrical system planners.



Automation solutions: Reliable, innovative, efficient

Amatic develops, controls, regulates and monitors end-to-end automation solutions.

As a customer you will benefit from our expertise, experience and implementation capability in all project phases, from the planning to the operation of your system. We take over responsibility for and guarantee you secure and efficient solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

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Gotthard Basistunnel
Gotthard Base Tunnel

Amatic has installed the control technology for the 50Hz distributors and ventilation in all multifunction stations and auxiliary structures in the new Gotthard Base Tunnel.

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Broad expertise, vast experience

As an innovative engineering and software firm, we develop, plan and install customised automation solutions for operational and safety systems, sewage and water supply systems, as well as industrial automation applications.

The chief priorities for our solutions are ease of maintenance, simple operation and handling, cost effectiveness, retention of value and reliability over the entire lifecycle.

Having successfully completed some 2,000 projects in what will soon be 20 years, we are able to draw upon a wealth of expertise to keep it rolling.

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